Thursday, January 7

Very Important Theory

Sooo...Times when I miss having a man in my life.

1. Standing in some godforsaken part of Delhi, not knowing directions, having sent the driver home, eternal school buddy being busy and with every other girl getting dropped home by her boyfriend. Hmmm. Yes I do take the cab but still ok.

2. At some crowded party when everyone is holding hands just to show they are together.

3. In this dreaded cold Delhi weather.

4. When I plan of my vacations alone, and ponder on some decent person to take along, which usually excludes people I already know. No not because they aren't decent, we are too different!

5. Girlfriends telling me sappy boyfriend stories, which happens like once in a blue moon because no one I know has the type of man I want.

6. Sometimes

Okaaayyy...since we are done with that. It looks even better than I thought, only 6 points. So why is it so damn important to BE WITH SOMEONE? I'm sick of people giving me tripe of how there's some serious flaw in my life because I don't get my panties in a twist over my single status, or try the available avenues to get laid. Over here we most definitely should insert my theory of how everyone keeps jumping on about wanting and needing sex mostly because society pushes them to think so. What man? You don't think of getting laid all the time! How come.

I realize that anything half logical/matured from a woman's mouth classifies her as a bra-burning feminist, but I don't recall a time when I've been more relaxed with my place in the world. This is not some lameass oh how cool it is to be single I hate relationships type of point. But lately, it gets on my nerves.. everyone's preoccupation and concern with my 'colourless' life. But since this phase started, I don't waste my time talking on the phone, or meeting someone who stays so far away that I spend half my time traveling, I don't have to force my friends to get along with someone or worse make separate plans, I have a real hobby now and am sticking to it, I only think of myself and am super happy even though I pretty much know how the next year is going to space out. Maybe predictability is what I needed after all the madness in life.
Actually I'm not happy, I'm calm. Very calm. And nowadays I never think about anything, It's like I'm driving with no directions. It would be confusing to actually drive that way, but living like this kicks ass.
Uh I want to say a lot more man, but now it's 2 am and I will wake up at 7. Shit shit.