Wednesday, April 22

Indian elections: Be friends with terrorists = Get votes

I'm amazed by the Tamilian ego. More than that, the way everyone ignores all that is happening in the name of national integrity and protection of 'suffering' communities is nothing short of ridiculous.

How would anyone in the right mind think that Tamilians in Sri Lanka ought to be protected in the current scenario? Are they not themselves responsible for the situation they've brought in. It's all fine and dandy when you effectively put hold on a country's development and deny it global respect just because you chose to pack your bags and move to a foreign land and now you want a separate country out of it. Amongst politicial causes, the LTTE cause has been the most bizarre. If their logic is meant to be taken in spirit, then why just Sri Lanka, heaven knows that Tamilians, or rather South Indians have imprinted their presence on every place on the globe. So there should be separate Tamilian/Andhra/Keralite/Punjabi/Whatever country within the countries these people choose to settle in. No wonder these days you need to pause your normal existence to get a visa to countries like UK. Places like Britain, Australia, US are too strong to let these people get away with such absurdities. But Sri Lanka is nothing. A pacifist nation, with the nicest people imaginable, who have been harassed for decades in their own country by these fanatics.

People deny a sociological interpretation to such demands since it cuts into being racist or judgmental, but that is an important way of interpreting and understanding the course of such ridiculous political theories and demands. No one is unaware of the regional pride and attachment most people from the South attach to their respective States. Of course it's great that you think that North India has been denying your right to 'determine yourself' for so long that the only way you know how to fight out this discrimination is by wearing your origin on your sleeve, head, psyche, simply everywhere. You have a problem with Bollywood, hate 'India' and US is the place to be, hate North Indians and their ignorance of your culture, talk in local dialects when you are in the midst of people who don't understand a word of hat you say, and follow your State parties and politics like maniacs. Of course it's alright that you too don;t have any idea about the rest of the country, North East or West, or that Indian politics as a whole holds no meaning for you. Forget all that. We are so smart, and we have been ignored. It's ok if we hate you because you're judgmental of us, regardless of how we are judgmental of everyone else. These may seem like extremely racist observations, but 500 bucks for someone who can show me a majority that doesn't fit into this analysis. I think I ought to have the right to know as I've known way more South Indians than most people in the North, some of whom are great, wonderful, interesting individuals and friends. This is not about singling them out, but the way the larger behaviour points out to what Karunandhi said yesterday. There are demonstration in London that support the LTTE cause. People in TN are bursting crackers, that's how excited they are that Karunanidhi considers the biggest terrorist of them all, Prabhakaran, a personal friend. Yes, of course, our people are suffering. That's our land. You said it, you get my vote.

For all those who respect Sonia Gandhi, there should be questions in the event the Congress validates or supports what Karunanidhi has said. Which it has already done so in a vague manner so far by Kapil Sibal. Anything for power huh.

For all those who sympathize with the Tamil cause, they should start believing in the Taliban vision of Muslim domination as well as it's the same thing. How come Muslims who believe in that are terrorists and madmen and no one thinks of how Tamils have been getting away with murder just because one fine day they decided to mark out a plot of land in a foreign country as their own, and now they call it a struggle for freedom. Communities do NOT get their own space in sovereign territories, that is not the way this world has developed and I hope it won't do so in the future. There'll be nothing left of this world except bits and pieces if such things are propagated.

I'm glad the Sri Lankan army is finally not paying heed to these psuedo human rights proponents and going ahead with what they should have done years back. Maybe then less lives would have been lost today. I know that in the real scenario, it's only the hapless who gets harmed in these major political theories. Whether its a poor Sri Lankan farmer, An Army officer who dies away from his family, or a Tamil who lives his life peacefully, by chance in a territory that debates his presence in Sri Lanka.But these Tamil farmers and locals who are being used as human shields by LTTE men are the ones who protected these terrorists from the army for years. Their communication network and sympathy for the LTTE cause led to so many deaths in the local Sri Lankans as well as their armies. Why wasn't any Tamil or human rights activist concerned about the rising deaths caused due to their 'war of determination'. Excusing such crap by saying that human nature forces one to only fend for oneself and it's own people is not going to work anymore. If it's them today, it'll be you tomorrow. How I wish that these spurts of national identity that Tamils regularly suffer from had been dealt with by Sri Lanka the same way that Malaysia had done some time back. Encouraging frivolity has brought them here...but it looks like it's finally over.

More power to the people of Sri Lanka. I hope they progress the way they've always wanted once this nightmare is over.

Sunday, April 19

How Dilli is only Khan Market

Correct me if I'm wrong but there seems to be no cool things happening in Delhi anymore.The invites I get on Facebook are so lame..masakalli parties at Ai, Gold Bazaar at F Bar. Wtf?! And then sods express shock over my disinterest in the whole clubbing culture. The majority still get tripped out over dolling up their female escorts and themselves in white shiny shoes and fancy dinner jackets, spend 1500 on a peg oF white rum and spend the entire evening pooh poohing over other's lifestyles and checking out the competition. How can this be fun? How can people 'unwind' in this way after what they term a 'hard day's work'? And please, for all those who have affinity towards these dingy rock type of places, I find these joints quite pathetic. It's only meant for people who never quite overgrew their college personalities. Like Toto's ...uff How I hate that place. There's no place to fucking move, they have the same playlist since forever, You have to keep standing on someone's head to get a table, it smells weird, and you see the same faces everytime you go there. And some new gora faces. It sucks.


Has anyone read this blog Oh god what a load of bullcrap it is. This guy thinks himself to be a traveling journalist and someone who has a world view on everything. Er yes... the only things I see on that blog are stories of his jaunts into Paharganj and Khan Market. And the way he describes Paharganj is quite hilarious.. as if that's the last remains of hippie culture this side of the country. The same people who would talk of wine and Sunday brunch as if they were born from the womb knowing these things have no peeves with having breakfast at some shady joint in that area, eating food made in clearly unhygienic conditions just because Lonely Planet and a lot of firangs tell them so. People talk about India's development and all that jazz, the goal will never be attainable until Indians develop a balanced view of themselves and their place in their world and shed their bloody white man complex.
I still have incidents where a shop owner will completely ignore me or Indians once a bunch of firangs enter the arena. Atithi devo bhavo my ass. I don't want to cheapen this argument by judging human value by how much they are economically worth, but let's just say that I will spend more in that store than those 2 dollar attired goras.

I veered towards another tangent altogether, but maybe some of you should check out this blog which is clearly written by a complicated individual who goes to Khan Market every week and thinks that having anything less than a Pajero is like a no-admit to that conclave of the rich. He also breaks down a person's look in terms of what costs how much, down to your boxers if you're only out to buy biscuits for your dog.


Why doesn't anyone on my Phonebook use Twitter? I find it seriously cool!

Monday, April 13

The end

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. What can I say at a time like this? Where exactly is this Khooni Darwaza in delhi? Is it true that you can scream your lungs out there and no one will be around to witness it. I need something like that right now. Place to scream it out, no one to ask questions. There is reason as to why I don't discuss my predicament with anyone else. Most people must be like, big deal dude, college got over. Why can't she get over it. But they didn't live life like I did. They didn't have a vision in front of them before they practically ran away from home, and met people and situations that helped me live that vision. You think that you could do so much, if only those barricades disappear. And I did all that. Lived life the way I imagined it 4 years back, from my room in Delhi blasting NIN. Now is a completely different situation.

Like before, the new plans haven't exactly worked out. I find myself in Delhi once again. No offense, I really love this city but it's so difficult for me to live here. There are so many reasons behind it and I always knew that it would be a challenge, now I'm living it out. The job scene is so horribly slow and non-productive, nothing in Bombay seems possible as of now. Looks like I'll have to make do with whatever I get over the next few months and slug it out for a year in this city. Of course graduating during recession should give me enough common sense to do away with long-term plans altogether, but so much shit still didn't stop from visualizing a way out of this in another year. Another year.

I think of the people I've left behind, and then I see how disattached I feel from my current life. To meet someone for an hour, you need to work out 2 hours around it. Everyone needs a concrete plan. Everyone just drinks. My mom tells me that Delhi life is different, forget your Pune freedom, here you have to watch out. My dad gets pissed if I get uncommunicative. He thinks I'm only concerned about my friends..he doesn't know the times when I vegged in my room for days and didn't speak to anyone. That was normal, I had made peace with my anti-social how will I undo all my work? Delhi is still the same....disconnected, chaotic, claustrophobic. My new-found low confidence doesn't let me appreciate anything or anyone. I deliberately exist without a number because I want to avoid 'are you back in town' calls. Anyways the only people worth knowing in this city have already left town.

It's hard to say good-bye. I always used to pride myself on never being home-sick, Now I get what it means. Though it's not a place I'm attached to, or the people...a part of both figure into the larger picture. It's who I become when I step onto a place. The energy and the optimism that makes sense, but no other place can invoke that spirit. How it feels to be me. And it doesn't matter if there aren't enough people to accept that.

Maybe things will change and Delhi will surprise me. For now, an era has ended. When I see pictures, I look so grown up. I can finally talk in terms of 'oh that happened 4 years back'. Haha. I was the only one who didn't cry when everyone was bawling their eyes out. Now that I'm home, I get misty-eyed eating dinner. The finality still evades me, that's why I cut my hair. I heard that women do that in defining moments in their life. Never had the balls to do that before, so I guess now I'm so comfortable in my skin that it makes perfect sense to ignore everyone's advice and go ahead with it. Slowly and subtly, things around me are undergoing change. My initial acceptance is mechanical, I do wait for the time when it wouldn't feel I stepped in someone else's house and look for gates to get out of it...