Wednesday, April 22

Indian elections: Be friends with terrorists = Get votes

I'm amazed by the Tamilian ego. More than that, the way everyone ignores all that is happening in the name of national integrity and protection of 'suffering' communities is nothing short of ridiculous.

How would anyone in the right mind think that Tamilians in Sri Lanka ought to be protected in the current scenario? Are they not themselves responsible for the situation they've brought in. It's all fine and dandy when you effectively put hold on a country's development and deny it global respect just because you chose to pack your bags and move to a foreign land and now you want a separate country out of it. Amongst politicial causes, the LTTE cause has been the most bizarre. If their logic is meant to be taken in spirit, then why just Sri Lanka, heaven knows that Tamilians, or rather South Indians have imprinted their presence on every place on the globe. So there should be separate Tamilian/Andhra/Keralite/Punjabi/Whatever country within the countries these people choose to settle in. No wonder these days you need to pause your normal existence to get a visa to countries like UK. Places like Britain, Australia, US are too strong to let these people get away with such absurdities. But Sri Lanka is nothing. A pacifist nation, with the nicest people imaginable, who have been harassed for decades in their own country by these fanatics.

People deny a sociological interpretation to such demands since it cuts into being racist or judgmental, but that is an important way of interpreting and understanding the course of such ridiculous political theories and demands. No one is unaware of the regional pride and attachment most people from the South attach to their respective States. Of course it's great that you think that North India has been denying your right to 'determine yourself' for so long that the only way you know how to fight out this discrimination is by wearing your origin on your sleeve, head, psyche, simply everywhere. You have a problem with Bollywood, hate 'India' and US is the place to be, hate North Indians and their ignorance of your culture, talk in local dialects when you are in the midst of people who don't understand a word of hat you say, and follow your State parties and politics like maniacs. Of course it's alright that you too don;t have any idea about the rest of the country, North East or West, or that Indian politics as a whole holds no meaning for you. Forget all that. We are so smart, and we have been ignored. It's ok if we hate you because you're judgmental of us, regardless of how we are judgmental of everyone else. These may seem like extremely racist observations, but 500 bucks for someone who can show me a majority that doesn't fit into this analysis. I think I ought to have the right to know as I've known way more South Indians than most people in the North, some of whom are great, wonderful, interesting individuals and friends. This is not about singling them out, but the way the larger behaviour points out to what Karunandhi said yesterday. There are demonstration in London that support the LTTE cause. People in TN are bursting crackers, that's how excited they are that Karunanidhi considers the biggest terrorist of them all, Prabhakaran, a personal friend. Yes, of course, our people are suffering. That's our land. You said it, you get my vote.

For all those who respect Sonia Gandhi, there should be questions in the event the Congress validates or supports what Karunanidhi has said. Which it has already done so in a vague manner so far by Kapil Sibal. Anything for power huh.

For all those who sympathize with the Tamil cause, they should start believing in the Taliban vision of Muslim domination as well as it's the same thing. How come Muslims who believe in that are terrorists and madmen and no one thinks of how Tamils have been getting away with murder just because one fine day they decided to mark out a plot of land in a foreign country as their own, and now they call it a struggle for freedom. Communities do NOT get their own space in sovereign territories, that is not the way this world has developed and I hope it won't do so in the future. There'll be nothing left of this world except bits and pieces if such things are propagated.

I'm glad the Sri Lankan army is finally not paying heed to these psuedo human rights proponents and going ahead with what they should have done years back. Maybe then less lives would have been lost today. I know that in the real scenario, it's only the hapless who gets harmed in these major political theories. Whether its a poor Sri Lankan farmer, An Army officer who dies away from his family, or a Tamil who lives his life peacefully, by chance in a territory that debates his presence in Sri Lanka.But these Tamil farmers and locals who are being used as human shields by LTTE men are the ones who protected these terrorists from the army for years. Their communication network and sympathy for the LTTE cause led to so many deaths in the local Sri Lankans as well as their armies. Why wasn't any Tamil or human rights activist concerned about the rising deaths caused due to their 'war of determination'. Excusing such crap by saying that human nature forces one to only fend for oneself and it's own people is not going to work anymore. If it's them today, it'll be you tomorrow. How I wish that these spurts of national identity that Tamils regularly suffer from had been dealt with by Sri Lanka the same way that Malaysia had done some time back. Encouraging frivolity has brought them here...but it looks like it's finally over.

More power to the people of Sri Lanka. I hope they progress the way they've always wanted once this nightmare is over.


Anonymous said...

The tamils packed their bags and moved to Sri Lanka? That is pretty ignorant of you. What's worse is that you totally ignore the cultural and lingusitic apartheid faced by what was, and is, a sizable minority.

Both Prabhakarn and the successive governments suffer from acute narcissim as is wont in politics and warfare; and are both to blame for the disaster that is Sri Lanka.

Your observations: juvenile.

whitelight said...

back in delhi?

was there this past weekend. it is a frying pan, that place.

LostLittleGirl said...

Anon: What should I call it then? Moving, migration, it's the same thing. Maybe you should read the whole thing. Your comment is useless and based on where you belong, which is reason why you don't reveal your name.

whitelight: Helloo. How come you didn't call me back after that. Yes, in Delhi, it's quite a sauna in here.

Anonymous said...

was supposed to be back in a couple of weeks. but the pune trip did not happen. will be there around 7th of May.


LostLittleGirl said...

Sadly I'm not in Pune anymore.'s not sad it's devastating

p.s. you have a weird name naa. hahasha

Saltwater Blues said...

Wow, this was truly a brilliant post, and I agree with you 100%. Especially where you say: "Communities do NOT get their own space in sovereign territories, that is not the way this world has developed and I hope it won't do so in the future. There'll be nothing left of this world except bits and pieces if such things are propagated."

The Quill said...

Was blog-hopping, found this post. Very interesting observations and some very valid points.

However, you lost me right there when you mentioned Malaysia. What is happening in Malaysia is a systematic discrimination against all minority groups (and also indigenous groups), be it the Chinese or the Indians. Tamilians in Malaysia don't fight for a separate homeland and they don't form a quasi-terror network to advance their political cause. The issue in Malaysia does not stem from the crisis of national identity. It is a fight for socio-economic equality and to respect the most basic human rights. Malaysia has a history of locking up people for the most random reasons, i.e a Chinese MP was detained for a week under the Internal Security Act for suggesting the inclusion of Chinese and Tamil scripts on road signs (something which is done in Singapore) and apparently, this is, according to your esteemed Malaysian government, an issue of national security.

Malaysia's Truly Asia ads are one of the best political PR gimmicks ever. What lies beneath the rich tapestry of multi-racial Malaysia is a multi-racist society. I've lived there for a good part of my life and yes, it's not a pretty fact.

And I dont think self-determination is an exclusive right for South Indians. :) I find it funny that my toddy-loving, commie-supporting, porn-producing state is being dragged into this.

Oh wait, yes you might not know the difference. Tamilians don't come from Kerala and no, we Keralites don't go fighting for a separate homeland. We've got one of the best bets in India, why would anyone give up God's Own Country?

And, I like the hatred. Keep it up.

Lezz said...

My dear friend,

Except for your hatred of South Indians and few valid points I cant find anything factual in this blog. Well you have created your own facts or out of utmost ignorance you have thought of attacking Tamils.

Point 1. No community takes up an armed struggle just for fun or for reasons as silly as independence in an immigrated land. Sri Lankan Tamils can be traced back to as far as 2 BC and they are not immigrants from India. There are Indian tamils as well, but their percentage is very low as compared to the native Tamils. They started their agitation when they were being purposely discriminated as a minority from all government benefits and welfare. When the government itself marginalises a particular section of the society, then they are not left with much options but to rebel.

Point 2. What is wrong in feeling proud that you belong to a certain state until your parochial views don't contradict with the nationalistic views? We belong to a country with diverse culture and that's what makes our country. You cant wipe out the various cultural ethos that we represent and make a uniform culture for all Indians. Then India would simply wont remain India and its just impossible.

Point 3. “People from the South” come from 4 different states and they are as different as a maharashtrian from a UP-ite.

Point 4. If Sri Lankan Tamils are at fault for raising an armed struggle because they were denied rights in their own country then people from the North should be discriminated against the Tamils because Aryans cannot be even traced back to as far as 2nd BC and Tamils are the original inhabitants of this sub-continent. Neither the mughals nor the Parsis and so many other communities who immigrated to this country centuries ago.

Point 6. Karunanidhi should not be supporting LTTE just because they are tamils and I agree with you because its simply not in the Interest of India. However that's a different debate altogether.

Point 5. Please don't make such comments with half baked knowledge.