Thursday, January 7

Very Important Theory

Sooo...Times when I miss having a man in my life.

1. Standing in some godforsaken part of Delhi, not knowing directions, having sent the driver home, eternal school buddy being busy and with every other girl getting dropped home by her boyfriend. Hmmm. Yes I do take the cab but still ok.

2. At some crowded party when everyone is holding hands just to show they are together.

3. In this dreaded cold Delhi weather.

4. When I plan of my vacations alone, and ponder on some decent person to take along, which usually excludes people I already know. No not because they aren't decent, we are too different!

5. Girlfriends telling me sappy boyfriend stories, which happens like once in a blue moon because no one I know has the type of man I want.

6. Sometimes

Okaaayyy...since we are done with that. It looks even better than I thought, only 6 points. So why is it so damn important to BE WITH SOMEONE? I'm sick of people giving me tripe of how there's some serious flaw in my life because I don't get my panties in a twist over my single status, or try the available avenues to get laid. Over here we most definitely should insert my theory of how everyone keeps jumping on about wanting and needing sex mostly because society pushes them to think so. What man? You don't think of getting laid all the time! How come.

I realize that anything half logical/matured from a woman's mouth classifies her as a bra-burning feminist, but I don't recall a time when I've been more relaxed with my place in the world. This is not some lameass oh how cool it is to be single I hate relationships type of point. But lately, it gets on my nerves.. everyone's preoccupation and concern with my 'colourless' life. But since this phase started, I don't waste my time talking on the phone, or meeting someone who stays so far away that I spend half my time traveling, I don't have to force my friends to get along with someone or worse make separate plans, I have a real hobby now and am sticking to it, I only think of myself and am super happy even though I pretty much know how the next year is going to space out. Maybe predictability is what I needed after all the madness in life.
Actually I'm not happy, I'm calm. Very calm. And nowadays I never think about anything, It's like I'm driving with no directions. It would be confusing to actually drive that way, but living like this kicks ass.
Uh I want to say a lot more man, but now it's 2 am and I will wake up at 7. Shit shit.


The Restless Quill said...

anyone who tells you your life is colourless without a man is someone who is stuck in a place they want to get out of. is someone who envies you your freedom-to-be-a-slut-or-a-saint. just got here today and though i think cynicism in one so young is sad, i enjoy the honesty in your writing. keep at it.

woenvu said...

oh, she lives!

ani_aset said...

you are dealing well i think with the situation..discovering that you already love something..your hobby is just a part of the good things to come..wish you loads of happiness :)

CognitiveLocomotive a.k.a Thought Engine said...

Hullo..Thanks for your comments on my blog..
I like your writing too..Just a lotta Cynicism, I think..but its only a matter of time..
Keep at it!!

Anonymous said...

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Peeking Duck said...

please don't let anyone tell you are fine without a man. of course you are fine but is it fun?

Sayak said...

Hey being single is absolutely fine. You may take my word on it because I am en expert on the subject :)

Anonymous said...

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Bash said...

Singlehood ROCKS.

オテモヤン said...


The Dude said...

well said, couldnt agree with you more..
life's too short to f**k it up all the time, literally.. ;P

White Magpie said...

No update? Guess you found a man..

Ricercar said...

i feel you!

Adriana... said...

Each one of the situations you describe, being single or in a couple has its own joy, so I say to enjoy every moment of being alone, because there are things you can do only when you are single. And don`t worry, when the time comes, you will find the perfect guy for you.

Navneet Nishant said...

it is a rusty situation. i liked the post, because if i change the gender altogether, i would have liked to write the same.
But somewhere deep down, when one has forced himself to be convinced with this thought, the surface beneath the skin begins to rust.

The Dude said...

to be honest I pretty much agree with your whole post - and being guy Id be hard pressed to be called a bra-burning feminist.

honestly, except for equal rights and basic humanity Im not picky about stuff unless someones forcing the issue.

Admittedly I would like to have a love and a family and all that someday, but I feel I can be better then my basic animal and social drive to do it and do it now. To do it for the sake of it - well it works for some but should be left at that.

Arunima said...

why is the calmness continuing for months together. what happened to blogging?

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Lina said...

Being calm is good :)

The Dude said...

hey kiddo, where'd you go? by one all the blogging compatriots seem to be falling by the wayside...

Ricercar said...

i second that!

hapi said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Aiyo !!!

100% in the same place and 100% totally fully agree.

The calmness, the stickingtohobbyness, the relaxed atmosphere in my head.... yummmmmm it is all.

yay! So its real then!


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Akshay "Bender" Rodríguez said...

hey, long-time, thought Id drop in once more just for old times sake.

sad to see you blog no more.

Ah well, such is life.

blogger formerly known as The Dude

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Natalia White said...

I am in the same boat you are. Society makes women think they are crazy or something is wrong with them if they are not married with a baby by a certain age. It is alot of pressure. I find that when I am in a relationship I end up being stressed out or end up heart broken or worse yet finding out the man I gave my heart and body to was a bad man. A wolf dressed in sheeps clothing if you will. I am single but I am calm just like you mentioned in your post. Check out my blog. I only have 1 post but I think we may be able to relate to one another. I see you live in India. I would be very interested to know what it is like living there as a woman. I am half Iranian and live in America and that in itself has proven to be very difficult. LONG STORY.......

Williamsmjyx said...

why is the calmness continuing for months together. what happened to blogging?

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mohamad ahmad said...

Be patient.Not all people are bad ok?U will hv one for ur own...dont worry about that.Happy always.