Sunday, April 29


So…I haven’t been doing anything productive for quite some time now. It’s that time of the year again when the internet becomes my best buddy. Which is the case, um, all through the year.
I’ve heard such great stuff lately, and self just realized self has never blogged about music…
First I’ll set away all the I’m-going-to-kill-this-year-but-have-in-acuality-fucked-up-bigtime-records. I’ll be honest about my expectations with Tiesto’s new release (Just be) this year. There were none. But I couldn’t resist the temptation to listen to it only to bitch about it later when a friend dropped in the cd. It sucks. It’s repetitive and sometimes he’s really going too soft. Looks like the end of the legacy erm?
Bon Sinclar Sound of Freedom has too many people going orgasmic this summer. Somehow, this Sean Paul + Carrribean flavour in Sounds of Freedom single is not really my thing. Needless to say, all consoles from Goa to Bangalore are going to play this song to death and eventually, force many to love it. Like that cheesy Children of the Sky. But do I see myself dancing when ‘give a lil’ love’ is playing in the house? Hell yes.
And I truly love the cover art. So Joplin.

And now over to the Gunners. The 2 best albums so far this year – Sound of Silver and From here we go Sublime. I‘ve never really believed that techno is dead, and artists like Alex Willner prove me right. Everything about this album is perfecto. Every song is taking out a new sound. And it doesn’t veer towards the boring image ambient music is increasingly being accused of, it’ll really make your head spin.
I won’t say anything about Sounds of Silver. It’s hasn't got off the hook on my player since 4 days soo….

And Chromophobia is another superb album. Electronica is going mad!

I love Pocket Symphony. No matter what anyone says about Air, I’m always going to check out their releases and faithfully load it onto my machine. Too many people call it boring, and I find it so ridiculous to classify music like this because NOT everything can be played in a club for you to dance to, and with that dumb logic, I can’t deviate from half of the best music the world has to offer.

Someone put me on to Kings of Leon. I love the whole sound, weirdly; it reminds me of Frank Zappa. The whole brazen vocals, the crazy riffs. ‘Charmer’ is my new drunk song!

And the most bizarrely beautiful female of all times has finally shut them up after the lull. You say it Bjork!

Yet to hear Cassadaga and Neon Bible. They comprise my future week agenda.

I love the heat! It truly gives me wonderful excuses to hibernate.


whitelight said...

Sound of Silver is a fantastic album. It really is. Was leaked months before official date. So did Neon Bible. Another classy album.

Electronic music is very alive. And its getting better.

BTW, you should check out The National and Dntel (if you have not) as well. I've got their "still unreleased" albums. Awesome.

InExile said...

why does everyone love bjork so much ?
really wats the big deal !

LostLittleGirl said...

Yep.I got hold of Boxer and Sound of Silver about 2 weeks back.*Sigh*..the Internet, dunno if it's good or bad.
National is real good,but Dntel's new album is super! Even though there's not much individual music, it's really something I love right now.
I love Breakfast in Bed...
Actually, there's a lot I forgot. Have you checked out Blonde Redhead yet?

LostLittleGirl said...

Exile: Why do you love Maroon 5 so much? Really, what's the big deal??

whitelight said...

Not much into Blonde Redhead.

Currently killing Cornershop. It’s probably five years since I last heard them. That is almost like hearing them for the first time. What a band.

LostLittleGirl said...

OMFG..this is weird. I was just listening to Cornershop! But I don't know much about em except 1 or 2 singles..

moonstruck maniac said...

I love Air too and quite often i get those looks. and children of the sky is good song but just like the daysof yore when summer of 69 was played and looped and looped, this too has been beaten into our ear drums.