Monday, July 30

Jai Maharashtra

So Pratibha Patil is the President!! That is just brilliant because now we can finally claim to be better than the Yankees as we've managed to grab the trophy for a better democracy. A better 'accepting' democracy. And now we can just forget about women being killed and raped and smothered at birth...because we have a woman as the fucking President you see, so the path to progressive development has already started. What is all this bullshit? Obviously journalists are paid to write crap but this recent thing of building a lot out of nothing pisses me off. The most fitting tribute all these retards could give to Kalam was to relay the ten different ways by which he made the Mughal Gardens look better. And how he loved kids. And how was so tech savvy that he pioneered Powerpoint presentations in Rashtrapati Bhawan. If the past workfolio is so 'extensive', then why the hell is everyone jumping about their seats over this Election. They can't even vote for this one for fuck's sake!
Evidently a lot of people are getting fooled into thinking that it is indeed a pretty big deal. So I've been forced to have 'female empowerment' flashing on my face from newspapers every day. And on the television everyday. And from people everyday.
There are national messages from Rina in Bhilai who thinks that 'now finally we women feel that we can do something for the country.' Fuck. If THIS was going to make you feel empowered, then we ought to have done this long back!
Anyone can see this Election and proclaim how easy it was to have a woman as the President of our country. That is because gender discrimination is not an issue for a hardened Marathi politician who has the right amount of subservience for Sonia Gandhi. But it's hilarious that people in this country will not send their girls to school and discriminate against women all their life... but a rubber stamp political post will make them empathize with a woman's right to 'do anything she wants.'And I shudder to imagine the sheer bedlam unleashed upon these 'gender sensitive' souls if Najma becomes the Vice President( which will probably never happen). Then we can have women on both positions and be the most advanced fucking country.
There is no point in ruminating on how dirty politics has become. But I still think of how fucked up Maharashtra politico is. In Delhi, I never gave a damn about this part of the picture and I could recall a time when the Shiv Sena didn't exist for me. But now I have no choice but to acquaint myself about where I stay. There was endless stress on the qualifications of Madam President. Of course she was the Governor of Rajasthan and had brothers committing criminal frauds. That is okay because politicians as a community do not take these charges seriously as everyone is doing it anyway so it's better to save her ass now so that you can save yours later. Wowie. These unspoken rules. So Godfather-like.
Her biggest qualification is that she's a Marathi. That in itself was enough to have 2 supposed rivals come together and support her candidature in political First Class. If some North Indian woman would have stood for this post, Bal Thackeray would have a billion issues with her 'character' but a Marathi woman can do no harm and hypocrisy is a way of life so....
And Sharad Pawar is laying base. He's currently killing farmers by dumping their produce in the Indian Ocean, something more ambitious will follow once there are enough of his brethren at the Centre.
She probably won't keep the garden that pretty. She'll be too busy paying back.


Clubs here have a dead line of 11 30. That's really the tops because usually I'm done with my shower by 9 30. So I'm there by 10 something and I get my drink and the waiter is already walking towards me and smiling apologetically. Now I can't claim to be a tech type who works really hard all day and needs to go out at night, but it won't do me too bad if I can reinstate my right to wobble home early morning. Apparently people go to such places and make out and have booze and are largely 'immoral.' So protectors of Maharashtrian morality drop in at 11 30... make a couple of calls, pick up a lot of booze and a lot of money from owners, pick up some kids .. anyone they fancy really, to be let off in the morning, for charges of 'disturbance.'
Then they go park their cars outside the Railway Station or something equally fitting, drink merrily, trade stories about the kind of women at these parties, wearing skirts and what not and they all must be sluts no. After that they eve tease any woman passing on the streets or alternatively sit on the pavements screaming in abandon or zipping through the city in their cars at top speed. Then they go home and fuck their wives.
Really. We ought to learn from them. They can teach me so much. I'm going to stop wearing skirts.
But I don't really mind if I can't go out because it's not as if I'm warming myself in Ibiza or anything, but it would be good if I can manage to get food at night. These bastards roam around the city at night and are shutting hotel coffee shops. And everything else. So too many nights are trailing off with empty cigarette packets and endless fridge checking if something has miraculously turned up. Crap.
So we are just waiting for these good fellas to be paid off sufficiently by the various clubs in the city. And that the alcohol revenue increases by 20%...which is why this revolution against Western morality is happening in the first place. So that I can still wear skirts and watch midnight happen.


bobo said...

"the ten different ways by which he made the Mughal Gardens look better. And how he loved kids. And how was so tech savvy that he pioneered Powerpoint presentations in Rashtrapati Bhawan"

online pedo gardener?

ah, it's a crime for a 'student city' to have an 1130 curfew. ah well, b'lore does too. and this place is a fucking tech savvy BPO harem. egads.

whitelight said...

ah! it really is a crime. i hope they play good music there

whitelight said...

"online pedo gardener"


whitelight said...

it'd be tragic
if those evil robots win
I know she can beat them

LostLittleGirl said...

ha ha ha ...I wasn't really dissing Kalam, but that is funny. Hee hee. Well, I'm bored of comparing Bangalore and Pune...nowadays, scouting for places to drink conversations revolve around this.. how Pune is going to suck as much as Blg very soon...this whole 'student city' image is bullshit... it's a middle-class Marathi small town...and that's the mildest way I can put it.

Whitelight... hullo. I'm trying hard. My ammunition runs out fast :) Of course the music rocks. Summer of 69 and 'The reason' are hot favorites.

sowmya said...

spewing more venom, I see..
Soon, we'll be dutifully carrying forth the US of A fad of Prez-bitching!!

Not that am agreeing with her nomination and all that it's supposed to signify!!

sowmya said...

Make nomination be replaced with election.

Party-angst notwithstanding, be happy you don't have to mug up the Registration Act!

PS: Are you drinking more iced teas these days?

Renovatio said...

And it gets better. I was discussing luxury tax with a friend studying in Montreal. They're bound to start it here, and then smokes, booze, and my sole vice, coffee, are going to cost as much as a month's rent.

bobo said...

Somehow, think Kalam's hair lends to that pedo image. And he leers when he smiles. :)

sigh, both Bergman and Antonioni gone.

white -

haha, dug that album out only a couple of days back. lou it.

whitelight said...

bobo: i've been tripping on The Flaming Lips lately too. heh, Yoshimi-the best Lips album ever made.

Perspective Inc said...

Am just tired of it all already!

gaurav said...

Dear lady
was un bbay recently...used to hate del...but now i think its darn good....i am a simple guy gettin drunk on alcohol...bbay its drugs for everyone...poison closes at half past one...can think of loads which are open entry is such a darn issue...waited outside china house...luv del

LostLittleGirl said...

Sowmya: Yes, you know how fast I catch on to fads anyway. hee hee
Er.. I do have to mug up the Registration Act , and I never drink iced tea. There are other things that cost about the same and do much more work.

renovatio: Yeah, I heard recently about tv tax. So cool no. Now finally we can make those guys in dharavi pay for their sole entertainment.

bobo: lol.. I like kalam but, hair or not.

I know. Sigh sigh. It's a sad week, but I'm turning back to a movie bum lately so that's goodie.

Perspective: Just adding on to it I see.

gaurav:ha ha. So people who do drugs are complicated?

jerry said...

Delhi's no better, and yes TC has been sealed. There's a new excise commissioner in town, so all the places are being closed by 12. And well that's how it is.

Electric Shaman said...

Why doesnt someone come to offices and stop people from working 15 hours .. that is Western "Private Sector" mentality pervading the youth causing them to earn higher sums and lead more "Westernised" lives than the Indian "Bureacratic/ Feudalistic" work ethic would ever let them. Oh wait .. they got quotas and "Social Equality" for all that :))
Sometimes I wonder why the people with the intellect and the wherewithall to object dont do so. I guess thats because the good ol greens still work for us. Where I stay pubs open their rear entrances for us after the cops have come and gone and have been duly paid in the process. I guess the day money doesnt work in my country we Will speak up.

As for a woman making president in our country goes did anyone really watch it. I was more interested in a frigging kid from the British Isles kicking the snot out of the Italians in a tiny noisy car. Sorry for being so superficial but after you have figured out that its the people with the money for the campaigns who run the governments and not the politicians themselves I feel really relaxed about the fate of this country.

LostLittleGirl said...

I guess the day money doesnt work in my country we Will speak up.

Atta boy! Do I agree or do I agree.

Jerry: Ya, I know. Guess who told me TC closed dad!

Anki said...

where is HERE
in my city its 1 30
but the cops dont wanna stay up that late... so they show up n escort me out #$&^(&(*)#@$!
so i m never going where you are
(ok i make no sense gudnight)

Electric Shaman said...

My city is Bombay forever :D

Arthur Quiller Couch said...

The widow lady's finally taken the country's ass. Obviously nobody gives a damn.