Saturday, May 3


My dad actually wanted me to go to that flower market with him. Somewhere in CP it was, it's like a phool mandi. Am I mad? At 5 in the morning. Nowadays I have to wake up at 6 every morning because OD starts prancing around the room in anticipation. The morbid fear of him crapping in the house, which I know he'll never do, forces me out of bed. I'm amazed. Never in my life have I woken up at 6 for anything.
Um. I realize that I'm not saying anything of importance but I just have to document my life. Hahahaha. So that I remember I woke up for my dog at least, if not for anyone else.
I met my school friends some days back. Mr D is so cute, he actually picked me up and then later dropped me back. I think he sought inspiration from Mr V who used to do this all the time in school because after 8 pm all my driver used to start whining to go back to their wives. But bechara. I sit at home and twiddle my thumbs while he's driving around Delhi after work so that we can hang out for 3 hours. Some of my friends are so brilliant it makes me misty. Other than that, real boring men are hitting on me. But I also haven't seen any interesting men in this city. All of them look like mamma's boys, or metrosexual nightmares, or pinker than me, or boarding school relics. There's no other category. But I think Delhi women have really become much better. Like all of them are so well dressed and pretty and all. I think I should switch.


Albert Hoffman passed away. Some dickheads on my Facebook have posted stuff like Albert baba I'll miss you. Yes you dickhead, yehin kasar baaki reh gayi thi. Aur thoda wannabe ho jao. You fucking knew him personally that you so badly miss him? Such bullshit all over, I feel bad that a great scientist passed away. He's given a lot of people a third perspective, even if it happened accidentally.


Have been listening to such music lately, hmmm, I need a break from the darkness. I downloaded this because I like the name Ananda for a man, and of course he's Uday Shankar's son. What an album. Usually I don't rely on best of compilations but since I don't know anything about him thought this would be a good place to start. Wanted to listen to something on the lines of a sitar, but already have most of the Ravi Shankar albums. This is horribly underrated. Bhaiyo aur beheno, please check it out.
And yes, if you've already heard this and like it. Please. Meet me. Let's go for a drink.


The Dude said...

My folks have made me chaufer them to that a couple of times, "its the best time to get the best flowers at great rates!" and its the only time in my long delhiite existance that ive hated cp!
but i decided its better then having to go to qutab for the other one like it, at least this ones closer.. :P

"But I also haven't seen any interesting men in this city. All of them look like mamma's boys, or metrosexual nightmares, or pinker than me, or boarding school relics. There's no other category."

Well Im a little offended, being a delhi guy who fits into none of the above! but then again ive always considered myself a little bit of an oddball! Im glad I dont have to switch, ladies all the way for me :)

Havent heard that album, will check it out since you seem to like it so, thanks. take care, cheers.. ;)

LostLittleGirl said...

Lol. Though I've been told that it's a 'treat for the senses', in my dad's exact words, I refuse to go any place so early in the morning. God ..MUST keep this qutab thing hidden from papa.

Hahaha. I'm just kidding, don't get offended. Ramblings of a bored mind, I love Dilli boys, especially in winters when they wear those fuzzy sweatshirts and take never-ending drags ....hehehehe

You love CP too? mwaaaah

whitelight said...

got two Anand S albums. his fab debut which has sitar based cover versions of Stones JJF and light my fire (have this on vinyl, btw) and the awesome album he did with State of bengal.

btw, nothing beats CP.

LostLittleGirl said...

I downloaded that too, the first album. Will get the State of Bengal one, which is another fabulous band. Loved the Stones covers in the first, you have it in vinyl?'re totally ignoring the end of my post! humphh

Anonymous said...

funny thing is the LP that i have is an indian pressing, maybe pressed in the 70's. no chance in hell that you will find that cd in indian stores these days. not even in the import section. i dont know how i found 'walking on' in a small music shop in CP's inner circle, next to the adidas showroom opp palika.

end of the post? hehe you need to be in bombay for that. or i have to be in delhi.


Anonymous said...

get suicide's 'a way of life' (if you have not). never liked it much the first time around a few years back. these days it is on repeat. what a beauty.


LostLittleGirl said...

Mmmm. You seem to have great luck with these things, or maybe it's my fault because I walk like a zombie who notices nothing on the sides. Got to stop doing that. lol.
I have Suicide stuff in Pune, but never really liked this album much. Maybe I need to hear it some more, the first was still the best. Dancy dancy....

whitelight said...

have not been to that shop lately. during college days it used to stock great music. maybe because the owner himself was clued in. i remember picking up stuff (tapes that is) like pixies' dolittle, portishead's dummy and s/t, pulp's this is hardcore, blur, etc from that place way back in the 90's.

you heard portishead's third? totally brill

whitelight said...

fuck yes, nothing like suicide's debut. nothing at all.

whitelight said...

it seems with the advent of compact disc, the quality of music available in indian music stores has deteriorated drastically. never have i seen pulp, pixies, prince, stone roses, etc in stores in the last 5 to 7 years (especially the back catalogue). in the 90's all these bands were easily available in india (cassette days). i am sure i have at least 6 prince albums on tape. these days he seems to have disappeared from the stores completely.

isn't it a pity?

LostLittleGirl said...

Fuck yes. I saw Stooges, Prince, Blur easily available. Maybe people who heard cassettes had better taste? lol. I used to scour around my dad's collection, so never ventured out shopping. Now the only cd's I buy are blank. Such a pity because when I hear LP's some of my firang friends have, I can feel the difference in sound. Not everything is about buying expensive speakers.

But all these Planet M kinds surprise me sometimes. Last time I picked up Dave Brubeck Octet. I'm going to CP today, will hunt around :)

You know maybe you're talking of jerry's dad's place? I remember his dad had a music store in CP, when he shut it down and opened a book store, the bastard got all the music. And his dad has incredible taste.He plays Cohen and Stones in his book store.In Dilli! lol Jerry bastard.

I downloaded Third just 2 days back. lol. Was busy with exams. Gave it a casual spin. Sounds good. But I need to sit with it seriously. I'm sure it'll kick ass, as it is everyone is fawning over.
p.s. What's with the unimaginative album titles. Yeeesh

whitelight said...

The biggest fuck up is that store clerks here don’t know shit. Absolute morons. Always pushing shit that is on TV or radio. About a year back, Planet M got a lot of Sonic youth imported CD’s. I picked up about six. There were multiple copies of Washing Machine, EVOL and Confusion is Sex. Even after seven months they could not sell two copies of Washing machine. Fuck me. It is the job of these dickhead clerks to push stuff like these (there are more than two Sonic Youth fans in Bombay for sure). Instead they promote the latest offering by Linkin Park. A friend in EMI says this is the real reason why they don’t import slightly offbeat stuff like Eno or Nick Cave and stick to Coldplay instead. The music retail format is totally flawed here. And the flaw is not the lack of audience but lack of knowledge at the store level.

In 2008 when large music retailers are facing hard times, Amoeba Records is doing fabulous business.

whitelight said...

that CP store is still open i guess.

whitelight said...

and talking of vinyl sound. some people say that the Beatles sound the best not on CD but on the most rudimentary turntable and speakers.

whitelight said...
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LostLittleGirl said...

Hmm. I don't know. Firstly, these imported cd's are much more expensive so it's a bigger gamble for the stores. And usually, these guys don't like to import, say 40 cd's. It doesn't help them, that's why they prefer artists like say Coldplay where one cd that sells for about 350 bucks can be imported in large numbers.
I personally know 5 people in total who like or alternately have heard of Sonic Youth. For artists like Washing Machine, Suicide, it's really stretching things. Hell people don't even know about Eno. And even if they like them, will they buy music? The fact is that the kind of audience who goes to music stores these days is totally commercial people who still don't see legal buying of music as a waste of money. Most of them don't have the time and inclination to download and are quite satisfied with store collections. My previous boss went to Planet M with me once and spent 7k on cd's! He bought stuff like Coldplay, Maroon 5,Arctic Monkeys..

I think a lot of electronic music people in India have started to break out of it, know lots of people who make an effort to look around for releases and then buy them legally from beatport and psyshop et al. But that's only because dynamics of electro music are totally different. The mp3's you download off the net and cd sound make a vast difference. Even something like that can make a DJ sound like shit no matter how good his set his. But rock and indie don't have this problem. Largely, compromise on the sound is not major.
So I really don't think these stores would want to push alternative music. As it is no one buys music these days, let alone for them to cater to artists who have a total fan base of say 30 in one city.

Lol. Good morning. So much gyaan. We should work for Rolling Stone. God I saw Jay Z on the cover of Rolling Stones in India. I almost barfed.