Wednesday, July 22

All about kites

I just posted something quite insulting about The Kite Runner on Facebook. Apparently it hurt someone so deeply that he started screaming about how I should read the novel properly and how my pain is my pain?

I didn't get the Kite Runner, mostly because I can't understand or connect with characters that are morally weak, in other words, have no balls. No one thinks of how most books, movies revolve around repulsive people who I would ordinarily loathe to hang out with in real life. Most of these retards are self-obsessed, insensitive, completely moronic and usually, authors will waste 500 pages on their journey of becoming a normal person. In Kite Runner's case, a normal person who starts to stand up for his friends and his honor, do things for his family etc. I don't get it. You waste your entire friggin life being an asshole, even watching your friend/servant/whatever getting raped, making fun of people with less fortunate backgrounds..basically be a prized prick.

Suddenly at the age of 40, you are forced into redeeming circumstances by another man's scheming outlines, whereby you do something that speaks integrity even though you never wanted to get into that scene from the first place, and I'm supposed to weep for you and clap about what a wonderful man you are now? How you have FINALLY lived up to your purpose in life, be a good person. Such bullshit!

Sad part of life is that mostly, these kind of people are the ones who occupy prime roles everywhere. And the ones who do the right thing and don't make a big drama of it are relegated to the confines of minor roles in the bigger picture. I'm not some crazy extremist who talks of moral standards, but basic things, customs that religion doesn't teach you. If you don't follow your instincts in a situation, then you suck as a person.

Obviously I'm quite a girl and emotional at that too, so when I read this book years back, it made me cry. Mostly because of the way Hosseini captured the thawing of the distance between the father and son. Anyway, the moment you can relate a book or movie to your life, it gets you too mush to view it objectively. But now that I read it years later, have no idea how I didn't grasp how pathetic the main character was before. And we are supposed to appreciate this journey of a man with no balls.

I read/watch these kind of inept characters and wonder where is the justice in this world!
I saw some episode of that lameass Salman Khan show where Katrina Kaif was a guest, and is about to gamble playing some question in which she can lose money if she gets it wrong. When she's asked to play safe since the money will be for charity, she's like oh I need to call my director and ask him if he'll send in the money in case I lose here so that I can pay for the charity. Because I'm promoting his movie and no I won't pay from my own pocket. WTF!
I don't know what kind of a fucked up world this is that you can say something so bitchy on national tv and men who haven't sex in weeks will still make you the most searched name on Google.

I remember these friends of mine went on a road trip from Pune to Jaipur and ran out of money on the way. They asked this coconut seller to help them with drink or food, getting all embarrassed about relating their story and were shocked to see when the man didn't hear another word and started slashing coconuts, giving it to them, waving off any more money talks and even shoving some in their hand. And that man had a cart with coconuts and an income of probably 100 bucks per day. And there are millions like him in this world, following their instincts, their gut so that they can sleep easy at night after doing things the best way they know. There are no movies made on them.

This is not to say that Katrina Kaif's braindead movies and slutty touch-me-touch-me dancing show money is more valued success than the assets of a coconut seller in Gujarat, but it makes my pet theory more believable for me.
It's a no brainer as to why I don't pray. If there really was someone up there, he/she has been consistently bad with keeping his part of the bargain. Hell they are worshiping me anyway, so why bother with actually doing something? The permutations & combinations, fairness, equity, financial distribution, simply everything in this world is screwed up like some malfunctioning sarkari office. It's amazing how everyone goes ballistic over an entity that hasn't been doing his job properly for as long as I can remember.


Just saw this ad where this man in a car with cufflinks and fancy shirt gets disgusted at the sight of a sweating young boy on a bicycle at a traffic signal. Yech yech don't get your sweat from the sun near my air-conditioned cocoon. The kid sees the disgust, gets embarrassed, straightens his clothes, looks neater, and smiles to rich uncle. Proclaims gaily that's its just a difference of 2 wheels that he'll make up in a few years. Who is making this bullcrap!


Anonymous said...

All ppl like u can do is crib... and find wrong with eveything that happens around u instead of appreciating it in watever capacity. The truth is u speak like this cos u think it is really cool, full of attitude to do so. Such low lives! Bah!

The Panorama said...

What on earth made you so angry? I agree with most of what you say and agree that the Man Upstairs could do a better job of it but hey, if you believe He is up there then there is "someone" Down there as well who may well be luring many with temptations.

I dont have the answer to such existential questions myself and wonder about it too.
I loved the Kite Runner because it had all the ethos of how a person struggles to overcome his own shortcomings and redeems himself in the end. There aren't many who manage even that and contnue living on in a shallow, callous way.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you seem to have stirred up quite a hornet's nest. Well, I never looked at Kite Runner the way you're talking about it. I may just read it again.


Saltwater Blues said...

... man I'd hate to get into an argument with you! :)

But I didn't see what the big deal was either - with the Kite Runner I mean (both book and movie) . People talk about it like it's the greatest thing ever written, but in my opinion (and I never bothered to analyse it the way you have) it is quite an average story. Nothing worth so much critical acclaim. But to each his own, no?

Hope you are fine, Angry Little Girl :)

The Dude said...

heh, always nice to find opinions that in any respect parallel your own! :D

I agree with you about the kite-runner and the like - I admit I enjoyed his style of writinga fair bit, but the book was mediocre.

You ask why these kinds of people (the assholes) and the rich and bitchy are the ones in the spotlight and always up there? Well its simple really:

People are scared shitless sheep and nothing makes people happier in their sheep-hood then to hear stories of "redemption" and finding yourself and all that crap.. Personally i give you credit for growing as a person, but if it takes you till age 40 to do it you deserve a bitch-slap to go with the back-pat..

And as far as the Kareenas of the world go, well we like pretty, bitchy, better-then-everyone-else idols.. normality in a role-model seems to be not preferred and intelligence is only acceptable so long as it fits a steroetype.
There was a couplet of sorts that really made this point for me (and you realise the truth of this by looking at every celeb these last couple of decades) that went something like:

we put our gods up on a pedestal,
a narrow and a small one..
and then stand back and watch the fall,
a painful and a long one..

Does that help your questioning mind any? I hope so, if not, there's always next post.. ;)

The Dude said...

Oh, and I just read the first two comments here while waiting for the page to load after the last comment, and this line:

"...There aren't many who manage even that and contnue living on in a shallow, callous way."

proves my point.. (nothing personal The Panorama!) most people are sheep and chicken-shit and so love to see morons like themselves who are too scared to make a stand and severly lack in testicular fortitude, and so love the idea of watching someone else achieve their ideal.

Anonymous said...

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