Tuesday, May 22

Not long enough for me

Is it not something
with jagged similarities

Of disjointed dreams
And foolish revelry

Of all that we thought
Would soon happen

Perhaps return back to brace
Your thoughts before

Or lather on to brothers
Of common stock

Not enough to waiver
Away from insistent latches

Distant for years now
From the maple breeze

Isn’t it time for another
Glorious mistake


The Dude said...

always ready for glorious mistakes!

Ricercar said...

really liked this!

LostLittleGirl said...

Duude: See this is your contradiction that surprises me. Are you an optimist or cynical? Hmmm?

Ricercar: Thunk you! :)

The Pilgrim said...


My thoughts,

Are we not the same offspring
From the same garden of Eden

A little pleasure we get
Of apples to be eaten

The intoxicating hiss of the serpent
Makes us forget past indiscretions

Renovatio said...

He's a realist masquerading as an cynic who's secretly an optimist...

Okay, I admit I stole that from Hitch.

life_as_a_box said...

Poetry too?? Where have u been lost all this while?? :)....But this was really really nice. Short, crisp, and piercing...And yeah, the glorious mistake bit is perfect. You're so self-destructive kiddo...Cheerz. :)

The Dude said...

well, if it helps (or not) i took an aptitude/personality test once where the tester got frazzled cos the result said im a dreamer and a realist at the same time...
im a cynic to the world at large, but im not a pessimist.. i also believe that shit happens of its own accord wherever it so pleases..
does that make me an optimist? your call...

@renovatio: nice rip!

jerry said...

we all are cynics, it makes our lives easier too.

moonstruck maniac said...

it is always time for a glorious mistake. @jerry: right said fellow cynic
hmmmm... for me, a new glorious mistake would be another failed play, or a new streetfight

Electric Shaman said...

optimism and cynicism are both stupid. Live to see the one and only truth: Hatt!! Life is not beautiful!

LostLittleGirl said...

Hello! I dunno if anyone is even going to read my replies, lol, but I absolutely detest it when people don't reply to comments sooo...

Pilgrim: Thank you! Althouh I for one never forget past indiscretions..

renovatio: Yeh sahin hai! Come on my blog and discuss your friends. Grrr.

life as a box: *sheepish smile* glad you like it! Aur kiddo hoga tera baap.Hee hee

dude:I think you ought to tear up that personality test because it clearly confused you even more about yourself :)

Jerry: Is it really easy? Ha ha

Moonstruck:Oh..I second you on both. Nothing like a particularly gruesome where you laugh over the wounds and still think it was worth it.

Shaman:Tu hatt! You're right but.. I don't 'believe' in these fundas anymore.