Sunday, May 27

Why the fuck are you not wearing leotards?

As I sit in the green room sipping Darjeeling tea(Yuck!) and nursing my legs that have really reached another place today, I'm thinking of the one thing that I'll never do again. Not the way it used to be anyways. I keep myself busy with the law thing and travel and cook( ya righhht!)and meeting people and loads of other superficial stuff. Maybe it was the car ride in the rain at 8 in the evening... or another one of those rotating times. Back to remind you that you ought to stop faking it for a bit and cry out loud once more.
Some time back I met this girl who was off to Columbia to study dance. My fangs were starting to show before my friend detected trouble and diverted the topic. But whose fault is it? The fact that she could fight against her folks and I could not? And that now I think I'm stronger than steel but in reality, am fucked up because of the classiest of the issues..parent screwing up your 'dream'. I never dreamt to be a dancer because I just knew there was nothing else I COULD do that well. And if you get trained in it 5 years short of your actual life span, then it just seems like the natural thing to do. Even today, there's never a moment when I've felt happier. And more in my element than when I'm dancing.
But if you're weak once about asserting yourself then it doesn't come back to ask you if you're ready now. Am I ready now? Ha. I'm probably not even as good as I used to be. And it's too late now to pick it professionally again. So I'll just be yet another girl who cries in a corner after the lights are put away..

But today is Sunday and depressing posts are reserved for the rest of the week so I'm heading on to the most worthless realm ever..The only list that'll ever matter.
Muzak for the perfect night..

1. Becoming Insane,Juice,Deepy Disturbed,Out of Space - I'm not going to write about these songs because it's pointless. When he starts to go va vrroooom!

2. Ghost song - Everyone finds it weird that I start hooting when this track starts. I just love the beat, it's perfect for the hip roll.

3.I miss you, Bjork - Fuck. I swear I'll marry the DJ who plays this song. Ever. Even if he's a Paki or something. It makes you feel like a diva.

4.Bossa Per Due ( Nicola Conte) - I heard this album in Amsterdam just at the right time. The sort of joint where no one goes to 'parteeeee' their balls off. It's the kind of stuff people ordinarily wouldn't imagine dancing to, but the same people dance to Salaam E Ishq so.. Bossa Nova is my favorite style right now, it's beautiful.

5. Haute Couture(Paris) - Awesome stuff. Like house infused bossa nova. And the bass...Jesus!

Earlier, I only used to love dancing to rock and roll but there's way too much of that to write here. Rock is like my comfort music, even though now I'm too experimental and am branching out in so many places, if I ever have another break-up, I'll still see it off dancing to Born to be Wild. Just like last time with my homies. Hee hee.


I do realize that I'm a bit late to get the drift. It's was so expected to see all these Mushroom fans to go like' Where's the psy man?' But the best artists are the ones who don't shy away from moving on from their genre, even at the cost of their money-yielding audience who just want them to roll out collected hits every year so that they die happy. But Infected Mushrooms have really done it with this. Rap..way too much guitar. Down with closet minds. It's fuckin beautiful.


whitelight said...
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taurius1 said...

Psy trance is fun!! ^_^

I like infected mushroom's new album. Well.. most of it. I never ever took a particular liking to rap of any kind. ^_^

But electronica's always good. :)

Cheers! ^_^

whitelight said...

You thinks anyone is going to play Bjork in a club or something?! Yes there are some Massive Attack and Portishead tracks in Mondy's jukebox. But that's Mondy's.

whitelight said...

bossa nova dub zone

Ricercar said...

will you banish me from your blog if I say I dont like Bjork? If so then I wont say it :P

I miss Darjeeling. In every season. But specially in the last mornings :)

Waiting for your next post ...

LostLittleGirl said...

Taurius: Well psy is fun but only when I'm on acid and staring at woofers in a farmland. Hehehehe
Believe me there is something called good's out there.And the fact that musicians are still ready to look into it makes me happy.

whitelight:You know no matter how much I love this genre,I KNOW that portishead,tricky,Massive Attack,Bjork is not club music. Like I can't think of a single Massive Attack that'l makes people move. Except live with me..but that's just too sexy to just dabce
But really whitelight, don't know if you've heard this Bjork track...Fuck! Of course chances if any DJ playing this song are as random as me marrying at all.
And why did you delete your comment only to write the same thing later hmmmm?

Ricercar:Awww.Noooo.. You're a wonderful change:)
Yes I know..the wind and the mountains. But I somehow always preferred Assam Tea..
And I'm waiting for YOU to write something.

whitelight said...

I did not mean that Bjork's not fit for clubs. Damn, there are enough Bjork tracks to make you dance like hell. What I meant was: do you really imagine DJ's in Bombay or Delhi playing stuff like Bjork!???!

whitelight said...

Talking of good rap. I’ll leave out the late 80's and early 90's stuff like 'A tribe called Quest'. In 2007 too there exists a band called the Roots.

Anyone who thinks hip-hop is all about bling-bling, spin Things Fall Apart.

moonstruck maniac said...

Ghost Song is really cool. i mean calling it cool is like making an understatement. 'Oh great creator of being, grant us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives'.
It will be tough for me to believe that lostlittlegirl has been so screwed up and has resigned. But if you say it, so be it. When you are in your element when you are dancing, then continue to do so or so I hope. (But wait a minute, it is me talking of all the people)
We both know what memories can bring; They bring diamonds and rust.

@whitelight: Bjork is a crazy artist and she can make you dance; but the stupidity of club music in India is synonymous with popular DJ Suketu kind of music. So I really hope some DJ who actually has a taste, ear and soul for music push plays a Bjork Cd.

LostLittleGirl said...

Whitelight: First things first, I love the Roots! Yes THAT is some good hip-hop..actually the way it ought to have been before it got into homies and bitches.
Nah..sadly don't imagine any DJ playing this stuff in India, let alone abroad, where they'll still play it but rarely in a club. Even thE DJ's need to look beyond house in electro music.

moonstruck: Glad you share my thoughts :)
Well you know, I guess one part of my life where even I've surprised least now it seems like it's going to be this way...*sigh*
As I said, that DJ will get rewarded in kind dahhhlings. Ha ha ha

whitelight said...

Girl, 'homies' and 'bitches' have always been a part of hip-hop. Haven't you heard that mind-shattering MASTERPIECE called 'Straight Outta Compton'.

"So what about the bitch who got shot? Fuck her!/ You think I give a damn about a bitch? I ain't no sucker!"

It's just that like every groundbreaking genre, gangsta rap too has been, over the years, milked to the very last penny. And so today you have disgusting shit like 50 Cent minting money.

whitelight said...

Wiki tells me that 'Straight Outta Compton' sold some 2 million copies. That too with absolutely no radio airplay or video.

LostLittleGirl said...

I gotta check this out..I see you've blogged about it as well. Actually, I for one, would not mind anyone swearing their lungs out, but you know what I mean by the excessive 'pimpin' in rap today..It started with being political expression, and now it's just about Snoop talking about someone's butt.

whitelight said...

oh! you must. get it right away. i thought you knew about this.

LostLittleGirl said...

I am

LostLittleGirl said...

Although I've definitely heard the name somewhere, but I have a feeling I'm confusing it with 'Straight Ouuta Bristol'..which of course has nothing to do with this.

whitelight said...

Sayak said...

I know why the fuck you're not wearing leotards. It's the same reason I'm doing law instead of English Hons. It's the same reason I'm not holding a mic and singing in a quaint little studio. Shaggy keeps asking me why I'm doing law when I could have done so much more. And that's really annoying, because I've fianlly come to the point where I can stop asking myself that same question. I guess people like us need to come to terms with reality and make the most of what we have. I wanted to be a writer, I have a blog. I wanted to be a singer, I have the bathroom.

jerry said...

I like the Ghost Song, but that I think you already know.

clit.chatting said...

. And it's too late now to pick it professionally again.

No. Can we perhaps talk? Meet?